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I want a hippopotamus for Christmas February 10, 2015

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For the first time ever, we made the tough decision to not make the trek back to Kansas, for a myriad of reasons. It was odd to be at home the entire winter break! We had hoped to capitalize on the few days where our universities were closed but daycare was open to get some projects done, but the flu (a great family bonding activity) and the passing of Mya Schmya dashed those plans. Luckily, Alaina was virtually a jukebox of Christmas songs (and still is!), including her new favorite song about wanting a hippo, which kept us smiling.







I was finally forced to sew stockings for the family. I had been putting it off because (1) we’re always in Kansas for Christmas, where we already have stockings, and (2) I wanted to wait until our family was at our final size. I tried to make some last year, but was unhappy with the results. I tried again this year and after a lot of searching for fabric that I liked (it’s hard to find 4 different holiday fabrics that go together and that I like!), came up with a decent product that will last us at least a few years. .



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