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Mya Monday & our 100th post!! May 12, 2008

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Happy Mya Monday!

And it’s our 100th post!! We would host a giveaway or something fun to celebrate this milestone, but we’d rather save our money and buy a house for you all to stay in when you come to visit us…oh, and so Schmya can have a backyard. So, in honor of our 100th post, we’re asking all of you lurkers to come out of hiding and leave us a comment! We have no idea who all actually reads this blog of ours so we’d love to know who, if anyone, still visits our site. So leave a comment and have a great week!


Headed to Cincinnati May 5, 2008

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For those of you that haven’t heard, I accepted a new job last week.  Emily and I will be moving from Chicago to the Cincinnati area around late July.  This will open up opportunities for both of us as we look to advance our careers.  For example, I’ll have the chance to do some teaching!  We also look forward to living in a location with sales tax below 10% and commute times averaging less than an hour. 

Luckily, we have plenty of time to plan our move and enjoy a final summer by Lake Michigan.  Mya will miss her swimming hole during hot days, but may not mind once she has a backyard to play in.  We’ll keep you posted on our progress as we attempt to make our way east and once we’ve settled.  We’ll be holding a raffle soon for one lucky person to win the opportunity to be our first house guest…provided we find  a house.  All proceeds will go toward furnishing a guest bedroom so you won’t have to sleep on Mya’s bed.  I don’t think she’d let you anyway.