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A weekend with Papa September 21, 2012

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Alaina’s grandpa came to visit her last month (and I suppose he wanted to see us to, but let’s be honest- it was really to see the cute kid) and we spent a nice, relaxing weekend enjoying time together. Alaina was her Papa’s shadow most of the weekend and loved having a captive audience and someone who would read books to her non-stop. And sometimes, she just wanted to enjoy some snuggling. :)

 Alaina also had fun showing her Papa all the big girl things she can do at the park, like go down the big kid slides and swing.

 The first several days after Grandpa left town were rough; Alaina didn’t understand that Papa had to leave and wasn’t going to be coming back home later that day. She asked for him constantly (“Papa? Where go??”) and she still refers to the bed in the guest room as Papa’s bed.

The girl just loves her Papa!


Kooky Cousins September 2, 2012

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We couldn’t make the trek back to Kansas without letting Alaina play with her cousins Cooper and Kendall. The kids cooled off by playing in the sprinklers. Cooper loved covering one of the sprinklers with his foot, encouraging the girls to come over, and then lifting his foot so everyone got wet. While our time with them was brief, if was filled with giggles, stories and fun.

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A Family Affair September 1, 2012

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While we were back in Hutch, a rather fortuitous event occurred- all of my cousins (and their families) on my dad’s side of the family were able to stop in Hutch for a few hours since they happened to be in the area. We were able to get some pics of my paternal grandmother and all of her great-grandchildren together, which is a rare occurence. Plus, one with all six of her grandbabies, all grown up. :)